Kikked! 7 (promo video)

Kikked! 7, available from November 1, 2010 :

Featuring graffiti art from NBQ, Shaka, Jak Rapmund, Rowland1964, and TRXTR, photography from Alessandro Passerini and Arturo Cuervo, music from Skarabazoo, Delerium and 3PhazeGenerator. Also featured are Amanda Rae, Enrique Chiu, the Daupará film festival in Colombia, Ostrale in Poland, TheClimateChangesArt, Javier Albiusech, Tortuga Tattoos, Natalie Gable, Denise Humphrey, Amanda Rae, Stanko Maletic, the Kerlin Gallery, and much more.

Video made with XtraNormal :

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