Kikked! 7

Kikked! 7 : Nov 2010

This issue features interviews with Enrique Chiu, Skarabazoo and Turtles Tattooz. We feature graffiti from Shaka, NBQ, Irk, Rowland1964, Supadan and DEFOE. Music comes from the Human Boot Project, Skarabazoo, Delerium, Maximus vs Stitch (LUA Records) and 3PhazeGenerator.

Featured artists include Opiemme, TheClimateChangesArt, Alessandro Passerini, Amanda Rae, Stanko Maletic, Natalie Gable, TRXTR and Javier Albuisech, as well as photography from Arturo Cuervo and video art from Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.

The DVD features videos from Shaka, Delerium, Isabel Peréz del Pulgar, 3PhazeGenerator, TheClimateChangesArt, Ginette & Supadan, Maximus vs Stitch, the Human Boot Project and Alessandro Passerini as well as a 20-minute video interview with Skarabazoo.

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