Fascist attack on CSA Dordoni (Italy)

The CSA Dordoni in Cremona (Italy) was attacked on Sunday afternoon by up to 60 members of fascist group Casa Pound. One man has been hospitalised after being kicked and attacked by pipes and is in a serious life-threatening condition with extensive cerebral haemorrhage.

The attack took place approximately one hour after a football match between Cremona and Mantova. At the time of the attack, there were approximately 8 people in the centre.  They tried to defend the space, but were heavily outnumbered.  Some of the attackers were later recognised as having come from outside the city, in particular, fascists from Parma and Brescia.

The police arrived after the attack. After identifying some of the fascists, they released them shortly afterwards and allowed them to leave.

The following message appeared later on the Facebook and Twitter profiles for the Centre.

Poche ore fa (verso le 18, ndRoDu) sessanta fascisti di CasaPound cremonesi con il supporto di squadristi provenienti da fuori hanno assaltato il Centro Sociale Dordoni e durante gli scontri per difendere lo spazio un compagno è stato colpito a sprangate in testa e attualmente è in coma in gravissime condizioni.

Successivamente si è verificata anche una carica di alleggerimento della celere sui compagni in presidio fuori dal centro sociale per permettere ai fascisti di andarsene indisturbati.

An interview with Michele from the CSA Dordoni given by Radio Onda d’Urto can be heard here :

MP3 :



Antifascists from other cities in Italy are now gathering at the Centre, where a meeting will be held to discuss how best to deal with the attack.

Next Saturday will also see a national Antifascist march in the town.

More info : http://www.infoaut.org/index.php/blog/antifascismoanuove-destre/item/13707-aggressione-fascista-al-csa-dordoni-di-cremona

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