May 24 : Minefest Fundraising Festival

May 24 : Minefest 2015
Support creativity in the community, help repair our roof, in Manchester it never rains….it pours!

The Miners Arts and Music Center is a charitable social club on a working class estate in North Manchester. Built in the 1890’s as a wash-house/social centre for Miner’s working at a nearby pit, it had been left derelict and neglected for many years. A small group of dedicated community members began its restoration in 2011, they have made great progress but the work still continues.

We need £5000 to repair the roof. this will enable us to provide better and dryer facilities for community groups, organisations and creative people who rely on our centre. Support creativity in the community, pledge your support.

MINEFEST Featured Acts :

Death To The Strange + From Carbon + Kingdom Lost + Maybe Frank + The Kingdom + Kaiden Nolan + The Strawmen + The Arbourdecks + Taser Puppets + The Long Island Teas + Kate Ashton Butler + Ook and the Elephant + Poppycock + Daniel + The Shady 80’s + Featherteeth + Hugo Kensdale + Reminiss + Bobby Hanzo + Kai Ohio + Release + TJ The Vagabond + Liamy Cally + Because + Bones + Primitive Knot + Buddhist Anarchist + Kevin Rochford + Janiliegh Cohen + Kolega. Plus DJ Dermo from Northside + comedy from Smug Robers.—11pm.html