Oct 01 – 05 : We Shall Overcome, Liverpool

What Is We Shall Overcome?

Over the weekend of 2nd/3rd/4th October, a series of over 200 gigs will take place around the UK with the purpose of uniting in the face of a government with an austerity agenda.

The gigs are to show solidarity and offer practical help to those affected by austerity policies; many are supporting local foodbanks and other projects designed to get help directly to people in need.

If you are a singer, a band, a venue, a promoter or indeed anyone willing to pitch in and get involved then please do.

There will be no central command here. Each gig will be run and promoted locally but just use ‘WE SHALL OVERCOME’ as its banner and each promoter will do what they can to promote each others events.

Over 20 events will be taking place in Liverpool, these are listed below.

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Thursday, Oct 01 :

The Magnet
Zanzibar Club
The Lantern Theatre
The Ethical Glass

Friday, Oct 02 :

The Brink
The Casa
Nordic Church & Cultural Centre

Saturday, Oct 03 :

24 Kitchen Street
The Pilgrim
Sound Food and Drink
Stanleys Cask – Wallasey

Sunday, Oct 04 :

Sound Food and Drink
The Magnet
The Lantern Theatre
Zanzibar Club
St. Michael’s Irish Centre
The Baltic Social

Monday, Oct 05 :

The Cavern Pub
The Brink – Art Auction

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We Shall Overcome - Liverpool