Syd.31 : WSO Liverpool, 03/10/2015

Syd.31, (Punk/Industrial from Manchester), live at Maguire’s Pizza Bar as part of We Shall Overcome Liverpool, 03/10/2015.


Dr Magic (Freaks Union / Population) – Concept/Direction. All midi synths, midi percussion, arrangements and flat vocals. Very, very flat vocals.
Liam C – (Population) Live percussion, additional vocals, stompyness and all round good guy.
Dani Graves – button pusher, shouts and synth stabber.

After ripping the scene in [pop]ulation, and collaborating and working with great artists such as Nachtmahr, Noisuf-X, Kommand+Kontrol, Hated Til Proven, Audio FX and a UK tour with From The Cradle To The Rave, [pop]ulation went through a drastic change. In September 2012 the singer quit, and the two remaining members (songwriter and drummer) decided to use this as an opportunity to improve their concept, writing an entire new set within 3 weeks ready for their first gig with XP8. They renamed themselves Syd.31 which reflected the sound and direction they were naturally moving towards and in honour of one of their biggest influences, who had recently passed away.

Every single gig [pop]ulation played resulted in people dancing. Without fail. Syd.31 have maintained this 100% record. They now play headlining gigs, have people dancing all without a single release to their name, something few bands can boast.

All the lessons learned from just one years worth of [pop]ulation gigs, results in knowing exactly what causes the place to erupt. They are now working at bringing you another new form of music, merging hardcore punk, industrial and contemporary pop/electronica.

Why The Name Syd.31?
Sid is the name of my father who was born in 1931. He passed away in Jan 2012. He influenced me in performing, and gave me my obsession with military history. He was fearless and worked so hard in so much and never let anyone get him down. He never gave up and never looked backwards.” – Dr Magic

Outside of Music, Dr Magic is heavily involved in politics, debt and equality and had been offered a Phd in military and political strategy (focusing on pan global terrorism) after completing a masters in Politics. He rejected the Phd offer and chose to work in the real world instead.

Liam C Is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering after previously completing one in Chemistry.

Syd.31 believe their education, experiences and life passions are reflected in theirr music combining intellectual commentary and debate with raw rage, anger and expressionism.


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