ILL : Islington Mill, Salford, 31/10/2015

ILL, (punk rock noise meltdown from Manchester), live at Lydia Lunch’s Halloween Seance, Islington Mill, Salford, 31/10/2015.


Manchester based ILL aim to fly into pure expression until euphoric heavy jump up and down noise is created. The sometimes structured, sometimes spontaneous compositions embrace the entire emotional spectrum and hold a furious energy close to their hearts. They believe in the power of disobedience, creating music until something tingles and performing dance noise until something bleeds.


ILL’s heaviest and most furious tracks to date, “ILL Song” and “Slithering Lizards” are the first songs from the upcoming album, “We are ILL”, set for release next year. “ILL Song” is accompanied by a cheerfully sinister video created by and starring the band, featuring gin-soaked nurses and a wild-eyed patient straight out of Dr. Caligari, it’s a twisted caper that’s perfect for Halloween festivities. Watch it on our Youtube channel at

Released October 31, 2015.
Written by Harri Shanahan, Fiona Ledgard, Sadie Noble, Whitney Bluzma and Rosanne Robertson.

Performed by :
Harri Shanahan – vocals and keys
Sadie Noble – vocals, guitar and tapes
Whitney Bluzma – vocals and bass
Fiona Ledgard – drums

Engineered by John Tatlock at The Box Mobile Recording Studio.
Produced by John Tatlock and ILL.



Islington Mill :