Water : Islington Mill, Salford, 31/10/2015

Water, live at Lydia Lunch’s Halloween Seance, Islington Mill, Salford, 31/10/2015.


Water penetrates rock. Water is life and kills with ease.
Enter the ritual; Hear the waves crashing down as you’re dragged into the undertow of bass beneath, hear the voices wail; the siren and the amazonian warriors await you. Let your instinct be your guide. Swim with us; at your peril.

Water are a heady mix of artists, poets and musicians who’ve come together to create encounters which engulf the senses. Water have left audiences with a feeling of being part of something magical, intense and sometimes bewildering, but always powerful.

Water are a six-piece that formed in Manchester in March 2015. Water members are: Amy Horgan, Jen Wu, Rachel Goodyear (all visual artists) Louise Woodcock (2 Koi Karp, Minny Pops, Anonymous Bash, Joyce D’Vision), Lauren Bolger (poet, Locean), Emma Thompson (Fat Out Til You Pass Out). Water members are also part of Devi collective which includes members of Gnod, Minny Pops and many more. Devi began life in thrall to the artist William S Burroughs for a centenary celebration Soft Machines event at Islington Mill, initiated by Louise Woodcock.



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