May 30 – Jun 01: Pescara Hardcore Festival, feat. Insane Therapy, Uprising, NEID, Respect For Zero, Gab de la Vega, Backjumper, Juliet Massacre, The Memory.

Raw Power : Orange, Pescara, 07/01/2012

Raw Power, live @ Orange Rock Cafe, Pescara, Italia, 07/01/2012. More videos here / más vídeos aquí (5, 27 min.) …Read more

Straight Opposition : Orange, Pescara, 07/01/2012

Straight Opposition, live @ Orange Rock Cafe, Pescara, Italy, 07/01/2012 More videos here / más videos aquí (5, 15 min.) …Read more

Methodic Massacre : Orange, Pescara, 07/01/2012

Methodic Massacre, “Umana Natura” & “Raining Blood” (Slayer cover), live at the Orange Rock Cafe, Pescara, Italy, 07/01/2012. Methodic Massacre, …Read more

Cannibe : Closer, Roma, 06/01/2012

Cannibe, grindcore from Grosseto, live @ Closer, Roma, Italia, 06/01/2012. Tracks – split CD with Tumour, except #4, “Intravenous Molestation …Read more

Straight Opposition : Forte Prenestino, Roma, 21/04/2011

Straight Opposition, live at Forte Prenestino, Roma, Italia, 21/04/2011. Straight Opposition : Forte Prenestino : …Read more

Kikked! 7 : Skarabazoo Interview

Kikked! 7 (Nov 2010) : Video interview with Skarabazoo for Kikked! 7, November 2010. Interview is in original version (Italian), …Read more

Kikked! 7 (promo video)

Kikked! 7, available from November 1, 2010 : Featuring graffiti art from NBQ, Shaka, Jak Rapmund, Rowland1964, and TRXTR, …Read more

Spiral Contamination

Spiral Contamination, Torino, Italia, 18/09/2010. Crystal Distortion, Ixindamix, 69DB, Beuns aka Electrobugz (Level 75 / Heretik), Dwasted, Hzd-Unitz, Beat Pushers …Read more