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Mirror System : InSpiral Lounge, London, 14/06/2014
Mirror System

Mirror System (the Chillout & Downtempo project of Steve Hillage + Miquette Giraudy from System 7 & Gong), live at InSpiral Lounge, Camden, London, 14/06/2014.

Video (50 mins., HD) + more info :

Carl Cox : Live Monegros 2011
Carl Cox

Micropoint : Live Monegros 2011

Micropoint, live at Monegros Desert Festival 2011 Monegros :

Sickest Squad : Live Monegros 2011
Sickest Squad

Sickest Squad, live at Monegros Desert Festival, Fraga (Spain), 23/07/2011. Monegros :

Infected Mushroom : Live Monegros 2011
Infected Mushroom

“I Wish”

David Guetta : Live Monegros 2011
David Guetta

David Guetta, live at Monegros Desert Festival, Fraga (Spain), 23/07/2011. Monegros :

Monegros : Official Trailer 2011
Monegros Desert Festival

Monegros Desert Festival : Official Trailer 2011

Electrocutaos Festival 2011
Electrocutaos 2011

DJ Hands DJ K-Nut Pan Papason (Live) Pan Papason (Live) D.J. Hands Electrocutaos Festival 2011, Plaza Harra Walker, Barcelona 28/05/2011…

Luxury DJ : Festival Acustica

Luxury DJ (Extravagance Group), performing live at the Plaça Museu Dalí, Figueres, Girona, at the Acustica 2010 festival, 04/09/2010. Luxury…

Electrocutaos Underground Trance Festival

Electrocutaos Underground Trance Festival (Open air psytrance party Barcelona) Plaza Henry Walker, Barcelona, 29/05/2010 Electrocutaos Festival: Organised by :…