The Damned and UK Subs to headline Undercover Festival

Undercover Festival confirms The Damned, UK Subs and Peter and the Test Tube Babies as headliners.

Kendal Calling announce 2015 line-up

Kendal Calling has announced a massive four day, five headliner line up to mark the festival’s tenth anniversary.

Abbey Road Studios for multi-million pound renovation

The historic Abbey Road studios will be given a multi-million-pound overhaul to assure its status as one of the world’s pre-eminent recording venues.

Dijon Babes : Waterford, 31/01/2015

Dijon Babes, rock and roll power trio from Dublin, recorded live in Waterford, Ireland, 31/01/2015.

Video (27 mins., HD) + more info :

S.F.U. : Sal’s, Waterford, 30/01/2015

S.F.U., (punk rock from Dublin), live at Sals, Waterford, Ireland, 30/01/2015.

Video (11 mins., HD) + more info :

The Jollars : Sal’s, Waterford, 30/01/2015

The Jollars, live at Sal’s, Waterford, Ireland, 30/01/2015.

Video (16 mins., HD) + more info :

Belfast AVA Festival launches on May 30th

A new festival will hit Belfast on Saturday, May 30th. The AVA Festival (Audio Visual Arts) will focus on showcasing and supporting Northern Irish talent.

Jaz Z buys streaming service Wimp for £47 million

Rapper Jay Z has bought Norwegian streaming service Wimp after putting in a bid of 464 million kroner (about £47 million) for its parent company Aspiro.

UK Government backs down over removal of copyright protection for unpublished works

The UK Government has halted a proposed move that would see law protecting the copyright of certain unpublished sound recordings up to the year 2039.

Spotify seeks $500m funding from Goldman Sachs

Spotify is about to raise $500m investment from Goldman Sachs, potentially putting off an initial public stock offering for another year.

Music Piracy virtually eliminated in Norway

A countrywide survey in December 2014 showed that just 4% of Norwegians under 30 years still used illegal file-sharing platforms to get hold of music.

Arvato bows out of UK music business

Giant physical entertainment distributor Arvato has made the decision to close its UK site and exit the UK music business by spring this year.