Hardcase : Grand Social, Dublin, 15/02/2014

Hardcase, (street punk from Belfast), live at the Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland, 15/02/2014, playing together with Jollars, Section 4, Runnin´ Riot and the Oppressed.

17 mins., HD.


The band were formed in June 2009 out of the scattered debris of recently deceased bands the Violent Fuckwits, the Troubles, the Spastik Dockters and the near mythical heavy metal Gods, High Speed Steel. The intent from the outset was to play a mixture of old style, cheesy punk rock with the odd fastasfuck, demented, angry rant along the way. Quite a few covers as well for that matter!

They fully intend offending everyone out there who deserves to be and more often than not likes being offended! That means some of the punk breakaway sub-divisons as well! They will attack just about all the ..isms and never forget to have a right LAUGH along the way.

Their first CD release came in late 2009 with the 6 TRACK CD EP “AIN’T NO HIDING” featuring their ode to drug-dealers “Welcome to Romper Room”. George their drummer took a teenage strop and joined the Foreign Legion shortly after without telling anybody! After a succession of drummers thankfully the prodigal son returned and George rejoined! Shortly thereafter, they became a 5 piece with Charlie on second guitar.

They released a very limited CD single especially for Nice N Sleazy 2011 the now infamous “I’m Here For The Ginge” followed by our debut album “NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD”. They continued as a 4 piece for a few gigs after Charlie´s departure and then reverted back to a 5 piece with Ewan joining in Sept 2011.

Since then, Ewan has gone, as has George to be replaced by Ryan on guitar and Sprouley [ex Runnin` Riot] on drums
They have recently released a new 7 inch single/ep “Waiting For My Ship to Come In” on Punkerama Records. A second 7 inch vinyl single also via Punkerama is due for release in March 2014, a double A-Side “Battered Bruised Belfast Born ‘N’Bred” and “Writing on the Wall”.

Upcoming Concerts

Mar 15 - Runnin Riot - London


Hardcase :

Grand Social :

More videos from the concert here : http://wp.me/P3cxQ9-myN