Stygmate : Murphy´s, Waterford, 20/02/2014

Stygmate, (rock/punk from Paris), live at Murphy´s, Waterford, Ireland, 20/02/2014.

15 mins., HD.


Stygmate, band & organization based in Paris , is rock’n rollesque hyper activity. They roam the bars, squats, catacombs, youth clubs, associations and parties by Hexagon since 1994 and have shared the stage with bands such as Parabellum , Les Thugs , Warum Joe , Skip The Use, Gogol Premier, Diego Pallavas, Miss Helium, Wunderbach, The Vibrators, UK Subs, Trotskids, Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs, Lipstick Vibrators , etc, etc. ..

Stygmate is a sequence of fragile punk rock, wobbly tubes, sharp, with a strong identity. The small brother of OTH, Rats and Parabellum , with hints of the 70 ‘s, it has the taste of the rotten gutters of Belleville, the galley and an unalterable faith in rock’n’roll.” Batbat

Their last album, “Seuls Les Loups Sont Bons”, is a digipack featuring 13 tracks of punk rock, together with a 16 pages booklet where texts are illustrated by 13 artists from the alternative scene (or not ..) including Krawett, Mat, Yann Hardcorre, Tristam, Jokoko, Reno Bob, Michele Robine, Tushgun, Pujol, Devi, Bluj’, Chester, Taga. The cover, the first page of the booklet and the CD disc were illustrated by Pierre Ouin, and one song was written by Batbat (Diego Pallavas).

Stygmate is composed of Sty on guitar and vocals (Miss Hélium,Ritier, Fatale Monstrum, Scramble, In Vitro, Wunderbach, etc…), Pol on guitar (Copenhague, Bien à Toi, Guerilla Poubelle, Capucine, Paul Péchenart, etc..), Esteban on bass (Copenhague, Bien à Toi, Paul Péchenart, Capucine, etc…) and Antoine on drums (Les Skalopes, etc …)

The Stygmate Association have co-produced numerous groups from the punk rock scene, such as Fiction Romance, Gilbert & Ses Problèmes, Fatale Monstrum (avec Sven de Parabellum), Bimbo Killers, Jungle Fever, Gastéropodes Killers,Les Anges Détraqués, Pasteur Guy; organise des concerts (Gastéropodes Killers, Diego Pallavas, Parabellum,Miss Hélium, Bimbo Killers, UK Subs, Vibrators, Jello Biafra, Deadline, Begarsound, GBH, Demented Are Go, Claque40, etc…), and produced a compilation album “FM Chez Les Rockeurs!”, 3 volumes with over thirty alternative groups representative of the 80´s.



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