2 Sick Monkeys : 0161 Festival, Manchester, 01/05/2015

2 Sick Monkeys, punk-rock from Swindon, live at 0161 Festival, Miners Community Arts and Music Centre, Manchester, UK, 01/05/2015.

Tracklisting :
1) Bruce Brenda David Death
2) Had Enough
3) No. 1 Retard
4) What D’you Know?!
5) Games
6) Who’s Your Superhero?
7) Happy Days
8) One More Second
9) Fuck Off!!

18 mins., HD.


2 Sick Monkeys formed in December 2000, as a live two piece bass and drums, primarily to support Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) at a drum event in Swindon.

They have now played over 850 gigs, including 8 European tours.

They have built up a strong live following and have supported bands such as Nomeansno, Subhumans, Anti-Nowhere League, GBH, Discharge, The Varukers, The Dickies, Total Chaos, UK Subs, Inner Terrestrials, Misfits, The Buzzcocks, Goldblade, 999, Citizen Fish, Vice Squad, Sham 69, Targetpoint, Captain Everything, Neville Staples, The Vibrators, Sonic Boom Six, The Fight and Lord Bishop Rocks.

Their influences range from the complex rhythms of Nomeansno to the catchy melodies of Green Day.

September 2002 saw 2 Sick Monkeys release their debut 5-track CD “Full Flavour Behaviour” and their second CD, the 4-track EP, “Nowhere Nothing”, followed in August 2003.
Their debut album “Curse of the Monkeys” was released in October 2005 and 2006 was their busiest year ever with 108 gigs in England, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic.
2008 saw them release the new “Why?” EP (in October) and carry on with the relentless gigging.

2009 was their second busiest year gig-wise with another 95 gigs played including 2 European Tours (one with Dead Subverts in July another on their own in October).

In 2010 they released a live album “Welcome To Shit Street”, recorded in South Wales and there are plans to release several more Live CD’s from gigs recorded in Lithuania, Paris and Bristol.
They ended the year by celebrating their 10th anniversary and by playing their 600th gig.

2011 brought more gigs and 2012 saw the release of a split album with Cornwall based Thrashers Rash Decision and they featured on two 7″ vinyl releases with the likes of The Hanson Brothers, Invasives, Antiseen, The Koffin Kats + loads more.



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