Bones : Minefest, Manchester, 24/05/2015

Bones, live at Minefest, Miners Community Arts and Music Centre, Moston, Manchester, UK, 24/05/2015.


Bones is a funky melodic boy/girl duo comprised of Ben Jones and Kimberley Bo.

Here’s a duo that know what it means to duet. Their tight vocals and beautifully timed lyrics are a credit to Manchester’s song writing history

Bones may not have been together long but they epitomise the modern duet and their contemporary, harmonised vocals are a pleasure to listen to.

From Liam Bradford, BBC Radio Manchester.

This original Manchester Duo has perfected the art of smooth funky tunes with Ben Jones’ outstanding talent for song-writing and guitar playing alongside his earthy and soothing sound in contrast with Kimberley’s Bo Power’s powerful yet soft voice creates a kind of mesmerising, chilled vibe where the listener just gets sucked in and lost in the music.

Holly Tree, AlterBeat Music Services.


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