Primitive Knot : Minefest, Manchester, 24/05/2015

Primitive Knot, live at Minefest, Miners Community Arts and Music Centre, Moston, Manchester, UK, 24/05/2015.

16 mins., HD


Rooted in pagan soil and nurtured by urban decay, Primitive Knot issued forth in late 2014.

Describing themselves as “Electro Psyche Krautrock Post-Punk Noise”, they combine ominous vocals, fizzing synths, demonic basslines and corrosive hits of acid guitar. An evocation of 21st century madness and a ritual invocation of countervailing forces.

The music of Primitive Knot provides the vehicle for these principles and ritualistic live performance provides the purest and most powerful medium for their enactment.

Urban alientation, rural claustrophobia and a ritualistic invocation of all that is liminal.
Squelching, fizzing analogue synths, relentless basslines and primal rhythms.

Label : Wealth & Taste Records.


“Submission Machine”, released 16 May 2015.

“To Aa Fiery Tempest Hurl’d”, released 23 April 2015.

“Dead Caves”, released 11 April 2015.


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