We Shall Overcome Liverpool 2015

Between October 1st-5th 2015, We Shall Overcome Liverpool organised a series of gigs at various venues throughout Liverpool with the aim of showing solidarity and offering practical help to those affected by austerity policies; many supporting local foodbanks and other projects designed to get help directly to people in need. These gigs were arranged under the nationwide We Shall Overcome banner, which saw over 250 gigs taking place across the UK over the course of the weekend.

We Shall Overcome Liverpool raised over £6,300 in cash as well as a substantial quantity of food, all of which will be donated to various local food banks and organisations helping the homeless.

Featured artists include: Denis Parkinson, The Big I Am, Mark Dennis, Vynce, Crikey It’s The Cromptons, David R. Mellor, Ellie Rose Smith, Gary Edward Jones, Harrison Drive, Rag Tag Misfits, Mercury 13, Des Horsfall & Andy, Alun Parry, Sunday Jones, Katy McGrath, Chris Callander, Jo Bywater, Robert Vincent, Anna Corcoran, Xander & the Peace Pirates, The Arkettes, Mike Black, Joseph Corcoran, Tone Junkies, Jimmy Rae & Friends, Reckless Elbow, Deliverance, Buffalo Riot, Adam Seker, Fabia, Thom Morecroft, Luddite Bastard, Syd.31, The Kirkz, The Boston Shakers, Killaflaw, Three Minute Hero, Professor Yaffle, Only Child, Saltcutters, Shea Doolin, John Jenkins & Band, Henry Priestman “Songwriter’s Circle” with Pete Riley & Les Glover, Squeeze Box, Futurejack, LA Walkway, Jimbob Volcano.

Special thanks to the participating venues : Lantern Theatre, The Ethical Glass, The Magnet, Zanzibar Club, The Brink, Nordic Church & Cultural Centre, The Casa, Sound Food & Drink, Stanley’s Cask, The Pilgrim, Maguire’s Pizza Bar, 24 Kitchen Street, St. Michael’s Irish Centre, The Baltic Social, Ian Prowse’s Monday Club at The Cavern Pub.

Stanley’s Cask footage courtesy of Fred Biddulph.
Full video from Stanley’s Cask here : https://vimeo.com/141849315

Full playlist featuring all artists : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMSPpvEj_30rZbWTaIdY9xC9KByq3H0yx

Recording, editing and production by FilterKik Media.

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