Bastl Instruments announce four new handmade synth modules

Bastl Instruments

Boutique Czech synth manufacturer Bastl Instruments has previewed four new Eurorack modules, due to be shown off at this week’s NAMM show. Sequencer, foot controllers and a separate headphone amp are among the features.

The four modules include a non-linear sequencer called Popcorn, a pair of foot control modules called Clutch and Dupdup, and Ciao!, a diminutive unit with four audio outputs and headphone amp, allowing you to isolate and mix a patch in your headphones before adding it to the rest of the mix.

The biggest highlight is the POPCORN non-linear CV/GATE Sequencer which performs original sequencing in tonal landscape. There is an entire universe of very musical ways how you can browse thru the 8 steps. This is all determined by a combination of triggers and CV signals you feed into the sequencer. 2 trigger inputs A and B advance the sequencer by the number of steps that you set with the knob (-4,-3,-2,-1,+1,+2,+3,+4). Reset sets the sequencer to step 1, OR, you can use the assignable CV Input to make it go to the step determined by CV. The CV input can also select the step directly or transpose the signal or do many other things! There is also a built in quantizer, selectable output range, gate and slide active per step with adjustable gate and slide times.

POPCORN has two EXPANDERS: one with jump button and individual GATE outputs for each step and another one that adds 5 more CV INPUTs to control the sequencer.

Foot control is a great way to enhance how modular synthesizer can be played as an instruments and this is exactly what modules CLUTCH and DUPDUP are for. CLUTCH can be used as a simple quad passive attenuator in modular setup but when you connect a stereo cable to the input and connect an expression or a volume pedal into it, it turns into continuous voltage source for your feet. And you can connect 4 pedals! DUPDUP on the other side implements 2 foot switches that can re-route your modular, bypass a signal processors, select between trigger sequences, mute signals or just send gates.

The last but not least is CIAO. 4 line outputs and headphone amp in just 5 HP is ideal for recording or live performance. Switches on the module enable you to make a patch just for your headphones and then mix it into the main output.

The competitively priced modules are due to ship in March, coming in at €210 (Popcorn),€109 (Ciao!) €90 (Dupdup) and €75 (Clutch). Popcorn will launch alongside its own CV and gate expander modules, which add more inputs and outputs – they cost €49 each.

Find out more at the Bastl Instruments website.