The Prowlers : 0161 Festival, Manchester, 30/04/2016

The Prowlers (Oi! from Montreal), live at 0161 Festival, Moston Miners Centre, Manchester, UK, 30/04/2016.

39 mins., HD.


The band started doing shows back in the end of 1998 and it was a 4 piece band. Over the years, they decided to add a 2nd guitar because they believe it was more powerful live. There has been a lot of change over the years and the fun part for the Prowlers is no one ever left because of fights inside the band, some people moved on with their life (kids etc…) or got into working in other projects. Right now, Sylvain and Stephane are remaining from the original line up. The other members are Jaime (guitar) Martin (bass) and John (lead guitar).

The Prowlers were always influence by older Montreal bands such as The Discords, Gassenhaur, Shock Troops, Street Troopers to name a few. They made the skinhead scene what it is today and for this reason the Prowlers need to carry the heritage they left them. Other than that, musically they are also influenced by the old British Oi! from the 80’s, this is what they grew up on and when they started the band this is the type of results they were looking for.

Members :
vox – Sylvain
drums – Stephane
bass – Martin
guitar – John



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