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John Jenkins & Band, live at the Magnet, as part of We Shall Overcome Liverpool, 04/10/2015.

Los Bonsais : Manchester Popfest, 16/08/2015

Los Bonsais, live at Islington Mill, during Manchester Popfest, Manchester, UK, 16/08/2015.
Indie / pop / noise from Asturias (Spain).

Keel Her : Manchester Popfest, 15/08/2015

Keel Her, live at Kraak gallery during Manchester Popfest, Manchester, UK, 15/08/2015. 22mins/HD

Rithim : Hotter Than July, Dublin, 19/07/2015

Percussion ensemble Rithim, live during the Hotter Than July world music festival, Meeting House Square, Dublin, Ireland, 19/07/2015.

Band-Brand Digital Relationships

A new report by Next Big Sound, aimed at bands, presents the state of the music industry in the USA from a data point of view.

Runnin´ Riot : Grand Social, Dublin, 15/02/2014

Runnin´ Riot, “Lost Generation”, “Worrying Times On The Picket Lines”, “Alcoholic Heroes” + “Runnin´ Riot”, live at the Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland, 15/02/2014, playing together with Jollars, Section 4, Hardcase and the Oppressed.

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Start Stop Start Again : Voodoo, Belfast, 29/11/2013

Start Stop Start Again, live at Voodoo, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 29/11/2013, playing with Padlock, No Matter, Mohican Jack & Glen Matlock.

Video (17 mins., HD) + more info :

Derkovbois : CDP, New Ross, 28/11/2013

Derkovbois (anti-fascist Oi! / streetpunk from Hungary), live at New Ross CDP, New Ross, Ireland, 28/11/2013, playing together with the Jollars, Rédi (acoustic punk project from Hungary) and Found On The Floor.

Video (28 mins., HD) + more info :

Culture Shock : Warzone Centre, Belfast, 11/10/2013

Culture Shock, (anarcho-punk / ska, UK), live at the Warzone Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 11/10/2013.

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Car Chase City : T13, Belfast, 21/09/2013

Car Chase City, live at T13 skatepark, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 21/09/2013.

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Gacys Threads : Warzone Fest, Belfast, 25/08/2013

Gacys Threads, hardcore/metal from Belfast, live at the Warzone Fest, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 25/08/2013.

Video (20 mins., HD) :

КИК : Asimilación Podcast #5, Aug 2013

КИК “Asimilación” podcast no. 5, August 2013.

One hour of global new punk / street punk / Oi! / HC / crust, including Zuname, Mister X, Bull Brigade, Streets of Rage, 4 Past Midnight, Rat-Zinger, Social Workers, Odio Social, Old Firm Casuals, Restarts, Boot Boys, Hatebreed, Unfit, Straight Opposition, Siberian Meat Grinder, By Any Means, No Second Chance, Instinto, Okus, Krüger, Neid, Totälickers.

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Agenda : Featured Events, 13/07/2013

Featured events, Sat, July 13: Napalm Death, All For Nothing, Alcobastards, Agitators, By Any Means, Cock Sparrer, Los Fastidios, Straight Opposition, Interdizione HC, Spleen Flipper, The Mob, Belgrado, The Mahones + more…