Ieperfest 2015

Ieperfest 2015


Winter edition #7

Saturday 14 February 2015 @ Joc Ieper, Belgium


Line-up :

  • CROWBAR (US) // First Winterfest appearance of these New Orleans-based sludge metal legends, after two successful performances at Ieperfest summer in 2012 and 2014.
  • HANG THE BASTARD (UK) // Blending metal and doom with a crusty old school vibe into a hybrid that leaves many in awe. Taking hints of BLACK SABBATH and CROWBAR and a slew of underground bands whose names have been long forgotten but whose riffs live on forever. New album out on Century Media rcs.
  • MARK MY WAY (BE) // H8000 melodic rap-influenced hardcore act, set to release their debut MCD on Clenched Fist rcs at Ieperfest Winter 2015. For fans of E-TOWN CONCRETE and COLD WORLD.
  • RENOUNCED (UK) // Mixing heavy mid 90’s metalcore with lots of melodic parts. Think of MORNING AGAIN, early POISON THE WELL and a little DISEMBODIED.
  • STRIFE (US) // Legendary hardcore act from Los Angeles, California, ready to hit our stage 21 (!) years after the release of their debut LP “One Truth”.
  • SUNDAYS (BE) // H8000 hardcore act featuring (ex-)members of The IGNORED, OMERTA and AMOKACHI. For fans of MODERN LIFE IS WAR, BANE, VERSE, DEFEATER and so much more.
  • WOLFxDOWN (DE) // Furious German hardcore act, making up for the last minute cancellation last year. Presenting their new vocalist Dave to the Ieper audience.
  • IRON WALRUS (DE) // German doom/sludge band, for fans of SAINT VITUS, WEEDEATER, EYEHATEGOD and the likes. They will be touring with CROWBAR this February. Curious? We sure are!
  • YOUR HIGHNESS (BE) // Antwerp stoner metal, paving its way in the European underground scene since 2009. They will be releasing a brand new full-length just one week prior to Ieperfest Winter. Brand new, fresh material to be heard, folks!


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Ieperfest 2015