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Kikked! 8 : Feb 2011

Kikked! 8, Feb 2011, featuring :

Alejandro Dimas Alfonso, Textura Dos : Buenos Aires Street Art, London Calling : The Clash, Vandalism Doesn’t Exist, Engineers In Your Ear, Nunzio Barbera II, Berok & Chacón : Dos Rombos, Damien Hirst, Jeff Mills, Betsy Michael, Caio Fern, Arturo Cuervo : Dia de las Muertos, Clirim Ceka, Palestine : The Album, Mariano Ferreyra : “Trial & Punishment”, Newspeak : British Art Now, Filip Korić, Mike Spicer, Milano Tattoo Convention, Trespass : A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art, Affordable Art Fair Milano, Mikrokolektyw : Dew Point, The Big Picture,Michael Wolf : We Are Watching You

Kikked! 7 : Nov 2010

Kikked! 7 featuring interviews with Enrique Chiu, Skarabazoo and Turtle from Turtle Tattooz. Graffiti artwork from Shaka, Irk, Supadan, NBQ, DEFOE and Rowland1964. Photography from Arturo Cuervo, Alessandro Passerini and FilterKik. Music from 3PhazeGenerator, Maximus & Stitch, Skarabazoo, the Human Boot Project and Delerium. Artwork from Isabel Pérez del Pulgar, Opiemme, Twisted Geisha, TheClimateChangesArt, Stanko Maletic and Natalie Gable.

Also available on DVD : see here for details.

Kikked! 6 : Aug 2010

Issue 6 of Kikked! featuring interviews with RSH (Raymond Salvatore Harmon), VJ Opie, DuctosGraff, Don Letts and Keith Jones and Deon Maas, the creators of ‘Punk In Africa’. music from Santos de Goma, Generator UK and Monosurround, as well as artwork from NowArt, Mohamed Kahouadji, 2/ParallelDoor/3, Diego Grangetti, Paola Peres and Gerardo Gómez. Kikked! 6 also comes with a dvd containing more than 1.5 hours of video footage.

Kikked! 5 : May 2010

Kikked!’s first birthday, and we unveil our new logo, custom designed by the artist Dillon, who is pictured on the cover. We also have interviews from stencil artist Jinks, dutch VJ artist VJ 249_k, Fred from Lua Records, and German artist Bobok. Music comes from Italian rock band Magdalen Graal, the Speaker Junkies, and Din-A Testbild.

Also included are photographer Andrew Parmi, DocsBarcelona and Animac film festivals in Spain, the International Neo-Surrealism exhibition in Portugal, Ostrale 010 in Dresden, the 4th Convención Internacional de Tatuadores in Bogota, Gaza Graffiti from Palestine, graffiti from Russia, Lex & Sten in France, Banksy, and Verdensteatret in China. Bonus material from Magdalen Graal, with “Tomorrow”, VJ 249_k, with an 8-minute “Demo 2010” video clip, and a 14-minute fractal promo video for Lua Records “Drop Out” album.

Kikked! 4 : Feb 2010

Interviews from The Signtologist, Robert Dowling, Unicode, Client Fashion and Martin Müller, an exclusive report from Japan Music Week’s punk festival featuring MyProof, Skunkworks, Papersky and Laurier Tiernan, also articles on Supermarket 2010, Chile Estyle, Who Shot Rock’n’Roll?, FMX 2010, Parvati Records, ITP, Tattoo Sleeves, Full Frame, Fastasporto 2010, Toronto Arts and Fashion Week, Edward Steichen, John Cage and more… Bonus material this issue includes exclusive video interviews from MyProof, Papersky and Skunkworks, live video from Laurier Tiernan and Papersky, also audio from Israeli trance artists ITP.

Kikked! 3 : Nov 2009

Issue 3 features iITsen, Thieves Like Us and Chief Stockton, photography from FilterKik, Photohispalis, Ludy Sulaco and Long Distance Vision, art from Ken Carrano and Heidi Elise Wirz, and much more…

Kikked! 2 : Aug 2009

Interviews from the Areola Treat, Noisy Pipes, Michael Kulick, Laurier Tiernan and 3Satva, alongside articles on the upcoming XV Expo Tatuaje in Guadalajara, Crosstalk video festival, VJ Fest Istanbul, Multitouch Barcelona, American Artifact and much more.

Kikked! 1 : May 2009

Kikked! is an online magazine covering all aspects of contemporary arts, including music, film, animation, photography, tattooing, graffiti and street performance. Issue 1 featured Sonic Youth, Lgprogetto, Art Shake Arts Festival, Mutant Press, DJ Samite, C215, Streetlab, Lee Quinones + more.

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