Adventures of Salvador : Minefest, Manchester, 24/05/2015

Adventures of Salvador, live at Minefest, Miners Community Arts and Music Centre, Moston, Manchester, UK, 24/05/2015.

14 mins., HD


2 guys went to a gig independently,both decided it’s time…..both placed ads both replied, they met they played….it just happened the dovetail of styles and vision……then the third appeared….a mysterious soul…….there is no plan it just evolves….and we love what we do ,it would be nice if the world did too

Nigel Beck – bass/vox
Ollie Nicholson – drums
Loop Aznavour – vox/keyboard/theremin
Mark Berry – guitars.


Upcoming Concerts

Jun 20, 2015 : 5th Annual Cadence Festival, Tyldesley, UK
Jun 27, 2015 : The Crescent, Salford, UK
Jul 17, 2015 : Raise The Roof, Trackside Bar, Bury, Lancashire, UK
Aug 15, 2015 : Bury Music Festival, Elton Cricket Club, Bury, Lancashire, UK
Aug 30, 2015 : Bessesfest – in aid of Christies, Coach & Horses, Whitefield, Manchester, UK

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Adventures of Salvador