Papa Topo : Manchester Popfest, 16/08/2015

Papa Topo, live at Islington Mill, during Manchester Popfest, Manchester, UK,16/08/2015.

PAPA TOPO arrived from Mallorca (Balearic Islands) and ever since they put their first songs online they became an overnight success, as one of the most searched for groups online and one of the most talked about groups on all kinds of blogs and forums. The power of the Internet made it clear how far they could go, and their demos were cause for worship. When their debut single, “Oso Panda”, came out, it was heard all over the world and didn’t even last a week in stores (500 copies). It sold out as if it was a primary necessity in the midst of an interstellar war. They create super-catchy melodies, halfway between the urgency of HELEN LOVE, the immediacy of LA CASA AZUL, and the simplicity of REGALIZ.

Members :
Adrià Arbona, Júlia Fandos, Sònia Montoya, Oscar Huerta.

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