Luddite Bastard : WSO Liverpool, 03/10/2015

Luddite Bastard, (Punk/Thrash/Ska from Derby), live at Maguire’s Pizza Bar as part of We Shall Overcome Liverpool, 03/10/2015.


Luddite Bastard formed in 2009 after a death Metal project Cheney and Fat-crap where involved in Split up. They discovered Dread on stage singing in there local pub and found Jim working bar in the same Pub. For a while they had a second guitarist but he emigrated to OZ. Since then the boys have played most weekends around the east Midlands and hosted a load of benefit gigs to raise money for local charities. During their time they have supported some bigger acts as well such as Chocking Victim, Leftover Crack, the UK Subs, Zounds, Random Hand, Faintest Idea, China Shop Bull, Addictive Philosophy, Rebel Spell, the Bread-chasers, Sickpig, the Septic Psychos, Rotunda, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Acid Drop and Ephemeral Foetus to name a few.

They have released 2 Demo Albums so far : “Decrease the Surplus Population” in 2013 and “Brown Noise” in 2011. Their 3rd release, “Fuck The Planet”, is also now available.



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